Welcome to (Bienvenue a l'ecole) Ladner Elementary School

Dear Ladner Families,

I hope everyone has had a great summer filled with fun and adventure!  While there is still some time before we open the doors to Ladner Elementary for a new school year, here is some important information about the first week of school that may be helpful as you plan the transition back.

The school office will re-open the week of Monday, August 29th between 9:00am and 3:30pm each day.  If you would like to register your child at Ladner Elementary, please do so beginning on Tuesday, August 30th.

School will re-open for students on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Because of the uncertain nature of enrolment for September, students will remain in their last year class groups and return to those classrooms for the first few days. This will give students and teachers an opportunity to reconnect with their classmates and teachers. We will arrange the new classes as quickly as possible once our enrollment has been determined.  So that opening day enrolment figures reflect student attendance as accurately as possible, please leave a message on the school answering machine or send a note with a neighbour or friend if your child will be missing the first day or two of school in September.



Time and grouping details for the first week were mailed to individual homes in June.

Gr. 1: 8:49 am



Go to last year’s classes. Students will have the opportunity to re-connect with their last year teacher. After 30 minutes they will move as a class to a different classroom with a different teacher as our Kindergarten teachers and classrooms will be used for our new Kindergarten students.

Gr. 2-7: 8:49am  

Go to last year's class for the morning's instruction and the important task of determining our enrolment.

New students will report to the office and then gather for an orientation session before joining peers.

School supplies will be required on the first day that children are moved into their permanent classes - hopefully by the end of the first week.  If your child has ordered school supplies through Staples, they will be delivered to the school during the final week of August.


Kindergarten:          Gradual Entry Schedule Continues

Grades 1-7:             We resume our normal schedule each day moving forward:

8:45am                    First Bell

8:49-10:30              Instruction Period

10:30-10:45           Recess

10:45-12:10           Instruction Period

12:10-1:01            Lunch

1:01-2:49             Instruction Period

2:49pm                Dismissal

Please click here to view the school supply lists for 2016-2017. There are 4 pages; the first two are for the English Program and the last two are for French Immersion. 

 If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  I hope everyone enjoys the last days of summer vacation and are looking forward to the new school year!


Mr. J. McCallum