Welcome to (Bienvenue a l'ecole) Ladner Elementary School

 November 6, 2017

Dear Ladner Elementary Families,

 In British Columbia we have a new curriculum that is in full implementation in Grades K-9. This curriculum maintains a strong focus on building the core skills of literacy and numeracy, while placing more emphasis on skill development, deeper learning and increased student independence.

 With this shift in Curriculum comes a related shift in how we assess students and communicate that learning to parents. Last year, our school district piloted a new report card (CSL: Communicating Student Learning template) with approximately 250 Elementary Teachers, including three at Ladner Elementary. This year, that CSL format will be used by all elementary classrooms in Delta.

 During last year’s pilot we solicited feedback a number of ways. From this feedback we learned that:

      parents see value in specific and concrete information about their child’s learning

      students value the learning process more when we comment on the process itself

      communication should be learning-focused and provide clear next steps

 As part of this work of aligning reporting with new curriculum, this year we will begin using achievement indicators (Not Yet Meeting, Partially Meeting, Meeting, and Excelling) rather than letter grades. These indicators will be used for each of the three terms, as well as the final year-end evaluation of student learning. Similar achievement indicators are widely used across the province, including on provincial assessments and grade-level standards produced by the Ministry of Education.

 These achievement indicators align better with the direction of the new curriculum, match a number of provincial standards and provide clear communication about student learning in relation to grade-level expectations.

 While our School District will be sending home a letter soon that will explain the new report card format in more detail, I wanted to bring your attention to this part of the reporting changes now.   Please contact me if you have any questions.Sincerely, 

Jeff McCallum