Welcome to (Bienvenue a l'ecole) Ladner Elementary School

Dear Ladner Elementary Families, 

 Welcome to the 2017 2018 school year! I hope all of you had an exceptional summer and return to school filled with excitement as we begin another school year! I know that this will be a truly great school year. I would like to extend a special welcome to all the new families coming to Ladner Elementary this year. You are joining a great learning community and all of us here look forward to getting to know you.

Our students have now been placed in their new classes and have begun settling into their new learning environment.  We invite you to work collaboratively with us to create the best learning environment possible for your child. Research shows that a strong partnership between the home and school allows children to reach their highest potential. Here are some suggestions that will be helpful in establishing school routines and will make this year the most successful one yet for your child. While I have shared these in the past, they are far too important not to touch on again as we start another school year!

Read Together Children who read at home with their parents do better in school. Show your children that you see reading as important by keeping lots of reading material around the house and set aside some time each day for reading. Also, model reading yourself.

Establish a Daily Family Routine Set a specific quiet time and place every day for homework or general reading. While you should be actively involved with your child’s homework routine, let them do the actual work. Other helpful routines involve assigning responsibilities for household chores, being firm about times to get up and go to bed (most children require about 10 hours of sleep per night), and having dinner together whenever possible. Don’t forget about the importance of a healthy breakfast and lunch to ensure that your child has the energy needed to make it through the day productively.

Talk Together Find some time each day to ask your child about school. Ask specific questions that will require explanations. Not only will this provide you with an overview of what your child is learning each day, explaining their learning to you will heighten their understanding of their lessons.

Use The School The importance of strong school-home bridges cannot be overstated. Get to know your child’s teacher(s) and what they expect. Let them know you will reinforce the importance of schoolwork at home and keep them informed of important things happening in your family that may be affecting your child at school. Make sure your child knows of your interest in his/her school. This will send the message that what he/she is doing is important.

Have High, But Realistic Goals Every student has the ability to learn; they just all have different starting points, interests, and background knowledge. Make sure that you set goals with your child that are achievable, but not too easy, for their age, maturity and ability. Don’t forget to celebrate when these goals are achieved.


Jeff McCallum