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School Start Up

September 2019

The last weekend before school begins is almost upon us.  We are busily preparing to greet our students on Tuesday, September 3rd.  The office is open this week from 9:00am to 3:30pm for new registrations.  We ask that if you are registering a student that you do this by Friday, August 30th.

The beginning of a new school year can be a time of uncertainty.  We do organize tentative classes in the spring, however, the final organization cannot be done until September, as there are often comings and goings during the summer.  Even slight changes in enrolment can create staffing changes and require that classes be reorganized once school has started.  Our goal is to have as few disruptions for our students as possible, and for this reason, our students spend time in their previous classes until we are ready to make certain we are firm in our numbers.

Despite not being able to set our classes right away, we want to ensure a smooth beginning for our students . Please see the link below for the shape of the first few days.


During the first week, most students entering Grades 1-7 will work with the teacher they had last year.  Those students whose teacher is no longer at Ladner Elementary will work with a new staff member.  The exception is Kindergarten students moving into Grade One.  The K teachers will be meeting with the new Ks and their families during this week so the Grade Ones with work with another of our staff members.

We would ask that your child only bring a very limited amount of school supplies the first week.  All supplies can be brought to school when students are assigned to their new divisions.

We look forward to a wonderful 2019-2020 school year!

Mme Edge