Parent Connect

Parent Connect is a tool that parents can use to access and update student information.

Parent Connect Website

Parent Connect Instructions

Even if you think you have already completed these steps, please log on and double-check …
Please log onto Parent Connect here using your email account (this is the easiest way to get in), Password (if you have forgotten your password or if this is your first time signing in, click on “forgot my password” and your password will be emailed to you. You must allow for ‘Pop Ups’ on your computer. You can then access all your children at the school. You will need to do this for each of your children attending Ladner Elementary School. To connect all your children to one sign on, ensure that all passwords are the same.
Under the “Basic” tab you should update Demographic Information (phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts). Click on the “Select” button to the left of the line you need to update and make updates on
the right side of the screen.
To add Emergency Release information click on the light blue button “Emergency/Out of Prov/Other Contacts.”
Click on the “Select” button on the left side of the screen and add contact on the right side of the screen. Add no
more than 3 names using type ER-Emergency Release and add 1 name using type OP-Out Of Province Contact.
Once you have completed your changes/additions to your child’s Demographic and Emergency Release information
click on the “Bulletin” tab on the screen and give your consent/permission to ALL of the following:
 Demographic Information up-to-date Walking Field Trip
 Emergency Release Information up-to-date Fruit and Veggie Permission
 Mac Computer Permission form Outside Media Consent form
 Photographs/Video/Website Consent (in addition to returning the signed consent form)
 GAFE Permission – (Google Apps for Education)
These show on two screens, once you have SAVED the first three the other one will show. Repeat for all children
attending Ladner Elementary School.
When you log on to Parent Connect, please read the rules about outside media in schools. If you do NOT want
your child involved with outside media activities, please print off the form to fill out.
Please take a few minutes to complete all of these important forms as soon as possible.