We offer regular English programming for Kindergarten to Grade 7. The students receive instruction in French as a Second Language beginning at Grade 5. The French Immersion program is offered for Kindergarten to Grade 7 and children may enter at either Kindergarten or Grade 1 with no previous knowledge of French.

École Elementaire Ladner Elementary School is a dual-track school, which means that two complete programs from Kindergarten to Grade 7 are offered in the same building: one in French and the other in English. By interacting with and listening to the students and teachers of the Immersion program, and by enjoying the professional French cultural performances and events, the children in the regular English program gain an appreciation and acceptance of another language and culture while receiving their education fully in English.

Early French Immersion

Ladner Elementary is the Catchment school for all students interested in Early French Immersion in Ladner. The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for non-Francophone students to become bilingual in French and English. Students are able to enter this program during their Kindergarten or Grade 1 year.

The Early French Immersion program offered at Ladner Elementary is a Kindergarten to Grade 7 program and students have the option to carry on in immersion at South Delta Secondary School. All instruction is in French in the first three year of schooling. The students begin formal instruction in English Language Arts in Grade Three and the percentage of English instruction increases at the higher grade levels.

A parent information meeting is offered each January. These meetings are advertised in the local newspaper. Application for the program is required – the deadline is set for a day in early February. Those children that are accepted into the program will register at Ladner Elementary on our Kindergarten registration date.

Educational Technology

The school is equipped with three mobile Mac carts. All classes internet access. Teachers utilize LCD projectors to give students access to a variety of online and digital media. Some classrooms use document cameras to assist with sharing information and resources with their students pertaining to a variety of curricular areas. These technologies are integrated into core curriculum instruction to help our students become more prepared for working, living, and learning in the twenty-first century.